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Sister Schools

Green tree with red apples The Appletree Preschool nameThe Appletree School serves two year olds through 1st graders in their loving facility near the Vienna metro. Founded in 1976 by Wilhelmina Klaassen, the school opened with a focus on teaching the whole child, mind, body and spirit. Today, over 100 children learn and grow each year in their home away from home. The Appletree School and it’s senior staff (some who have taught at the school for decades) continue the tradition of excellence, appreciation for the arts and love of learning that their founder instilled over thirty years ago.

Blue Merritt Academy LogoMerritt Academy serves over 400 infants through 8th graders at their exciting campus near the Vienna metro. Founded in 1963 by Rachel O. Merritt, the school opened as Talent House with a focus on individuality and providing growth experiences. Today, Merritt Academy has grown into a 7 acre campus complete with purpose built facilities for all age groups, a swimming pool, full sized gym (with sports teams) and multiple playgrounds. Bus service is available for families needing transportation assistance. The leadership and staff at Merritt Academy continue their daily focus on Character Education, Academic Excellence and Service to Families.

Legacy of Our Founders

Together with it’s two sister schools, First Steps Academy shares the Legacy of Our Founders:

  • Being hospitable to all faith traditions from a base of Christian values
  • Encouraging the unique talents and potential of each child in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Embracing the joy of learning
  • Promoting academic excellence
  • Developing the strength of character to make morally sound decisions
  • Providing support and service to our families
  • Treating the members of our community – students, staff and parents – and the world around us with respect and kindness
  • Nourishing compassion and the desire to serve others
  • Promoting harmony between the physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual

Most people say that is it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.

Albert Einstein

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