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Infant Overview

From birth, infants are marvelous learners and immediately investigate the sights, sounds and flavors of the world. Our teachers have been trained to respond quickly and appropriately to your baby’s needs while providing stimulating activities to enhance their development. Areas of emphasis in the infant classrooms are:

  • Ensuring health, safety and comfort needs are met.
  • Building trust in the environment.
  • Forming bonds with caregivers.
  • Encouraging exploration of the environment and self.
  • Developing gross motor skills (sitting up, crawling, walking, etc…).
  • Raising awareness of people, objects, sounds and smells.

Infant Program

Our infant program is designed to capitalize on the vast learning ability of infants in our loving and safe environment. Children participate in several activities during their awake periods to help them learn about our world.

  • During story times, teachers read books to children individually and as a group.
  • Once infants can hold themselves up, the arts & crafts period gives them an opportunity to explore different materials (paints, objects, foods..).
  • Buggy rides give infants an opportunity to explore the world outside the classroom twice per day.
  • Exercise periods aid muscle development.
  • During music time children enjoy sounds or sing songs with their teachers.
  • Picture book time provides the opportunity for infants to start recognizing objects and patterns.

Infant Communication

We recognize the great trust it requires to place your infant in the care of another person. To help provide your family the best possible experience:

  • Daily Reports, generated by the teacher, are sent home each day informing you of foods eaten, diaper changes, naps taken, medication administered, activities performed, and any other information you request, so you can know all the details of your child’s day.
  • Infant rooms, as well as all our classrooms, are equipped with telephones allowing you to connect directly with your teacher.
  • Medical issues and significant changes in mood are responded to with prompt phone calls to you, so you can make a decision based on the most immediate information available.

Teacher Qualifications

  • There is a lead-qualified teacher in each of our infant rooms. These teachers have either a bachelor’s degree in a child related field, a CDA or equivalent.
  • Each classroom is assisted by a teacher assistant who works alongside the teacher in providing for your child.
  • We look for teachers that have that special blend of attention to detail and love of children. Our teachers  get so excited to hold the children, so do not be surprised if they ask to hold your little one if you are on a tour.
  • And finally, we look for teachers that we would want our child to be safe with, learn from, and loved deeply.

Details & Logistics

  • You are welcome to visit and spend as much time with your infant as you can possibly stand!
  • We want to make getting in and out each day as easy as possible, so if you leave either formula or frozen breast milk, and empty, labeled bottles our teachers can prepare the bottles when your child needs it so it is as fresh as possible.
  • You can leave a stock of diapers, wipes, ointment, extra clothes, a blanket, and anything else that we will need regularly to limit how much you need to bring in and out each day.
  • Daipers are checked every hour and changed if needed. (Diapers are also changed on an as needed basis.)

Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right.

Proverbs 20:11

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